Kate Leddy is a writer and mental health activist from Portland, Oregon. She grew up in Westchester County, New York and still has strong opinions about bagels. Kate has featured at various venues in Portland and represented Portland at the 2018 National Poetry Slam as well as the 2018 Individual World Poetry Slam. She is a current member of the 2019 Portland Poetry Slam and will be going on tour this August with fellow poet and friend Bri Gowdy. Kate’s first chapbook, Homesick Season, explores nostalgia for people, places, and states of mind. Kate enjoys ice cream sandwiches, a good cleanse cry, and excitedly pointing out the only two constellations she knows.

Kate Leddy is the Lizzo of poetry - her passion for justice and empowerment within her work will make you want to call your mother just to say, ‘I love you.’ Kate uses her platform to call readers and audiences in to a safe space where we can grow and make mistakes together without judgement. Her poems make you lust for a better future.
— Nikki Burian

Get your copy of Kate Leddy’s first chapbook titled Homesick Season which explores nostalgia for people, places, and states of mind ($12 (plus $3 S+H).