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A touring poet has a unique opportunity to reach outside of their home and connect with artists and scenes outside of their comfort zone. This summer, poets Kate Leddy and Bri Gowdy take on the adventure of road-tripping throughout the west side of the country to share their work and expand their poetry horizons (with plenty of snacks in between). Bri and Kate’s unique voices explore themes of mental health, body image, relationships, nostalgia, god stuff, and more! They are thrilled to be embarking on their first duo tour together & would love to come to your city!

Interested in following Kate & Bri on their journey? Donate to the tour’s GoFundMe for access to their exclusive follow-the-tour Instagram account @eyhotour (plus other gifts per donation amount!) Your contribution will go toward Kate & Bri’s gas, food, and lodging expenses as well as their goal to enhance the accessibility of their art!

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